My Elixir Status 2019

Making Elixir Known in France - #MyElixirStatus Status of Elixir in France (as of begining 2019) I am currently in France, where Elixir is know only by fellow Functional Programmer. The Paris meetup is inactive since December 2017. And the industry (minus some startups) has no idea what so ever can be done with Elixir. One of the reason is that France, missed the Ruby turn nearly completely exception in a few small startups. [Read More]

Traefik and Consul Bare

Traefik and Consul Why? We still use old VM with no / limited orchastration Historically we used HA Proxy for load balancing. But things as to change. So I look at Traefik. My needs : simple path base routing to route to my webapps. nice ui to follow the load balancer activity single file deployement ! dynamic configuration reload ability to use a third party service discovery The choice was simple: Traefik On top of it, it’s lead maintainer is French (big up to Emile @emilevauge) and it has cheese name for all it’s release :) [Read More]

Displaylink on Arch Linux

Using Displaylink on Arch Linux. If, like me, your company has chosen DisplayLink to connect to your big fat 29” monitor, or to connect to TV in meeting room, and you use linux you are probably not very (at all) pleased with that choice ! In my team, 95% of the devs are using Ubuntu as there linux distrib and the Displaylink driver is not really working. I’ve switch to Arch Linux this week end ! [Read More]


Welcome to NSA’s new blog

Migrated from JBake to Hugo ! Much much nicer cool blog generator :)